Cultures. Revista Asturiana de Cultura is a publication edited by the Academia de la Llingua Asturiana (ALLA, or Academy of the Asturian Language), which, since 1990, has been committed to promoting research on ethnographic and anthropological aspects of Asturias and, eventually, of some other related cultural areas.

The journal is multidisciplinary in outlook, publishing original papers by experts in ethnography, anthropology, as well as by other contributors interested in the subject from the different areas of Asturias and perspectives of Asturian culture. Thus, the past 22 issues of the journal Cultures have been indispensable to the study of Asturian culture. Besides, some of the volumes have explored monograph themes such as bread culture, the culture of grassland work, the culture around pig-slaughtering or Samartín, cider and wine, the agrarian environment, popular festivals, hunting and fishing, popular games and music.

Cultures. Revista Asturiana de Cultura is a fundamental journal for the study of the Asturian language, given that the published papers include specific vocabulary and terminologies corresponding to traditional cultural practices which are seldom present in other publications.

Cultures. Revista Asturiana de Cultura is published once a year and encourages knowledge about the Asturian culture.


Revista Asturiana de Cultura

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